As the word meaning of MDF is  medium density fiber board, in the heat of wood fibers fused together with synthetic resin to harden into sheets produced by wood-based material.
MEDEPAN (MDF) at every point of the fibers evenly distributed and very intense occurrence of sheets both sides, as far as the edges of the machine and any break, without either the material particles in space occur without processing facilities provide. In this way, MEDEPAN are used with success in producing table trays, door panels, drawer sides , surface profiles, such as armor and production parts. With Extremely smooth and homogeneous surface MEDEPAN constitute a good base in painting, both in decorative foil or wood veneer .These features, in many applications MEDEPAN to  be used as an alternative to solid wood, perfect for CNC cutting machines, drilling and milling facilities are provided.

In the Sheets of plywood industry and wood coating industry operates  high quality and valuable wood. With the decreasing of quality wood is increasing the price of this product. In contrast MEDEPAN can produce plywood or even from  lower quality wood than particleboard ,for producing massive tree as easily processed, but a more economical alternative and that as a result of the many uses over the solid wood to replace the led.


Paint, varnish, and such materials can be applied directly on MEDEPAN and the pattern can be printed on. to keep Screws and glue is without problem.


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