YONGAPAN chipboards which are the first choice of  many countries and Turkey with its quality, has the years of experience and advanced technology.

People between the chipboard (synthetic wood), known as particleboard, generally lignocellulosic (cellulose containing odunumsu) raw materials derived chips or small particles of a synthetic resin or a suitable adhesive with the aid of heat and pressure, a wide and large surface plates made to be obtained by both in construction and furniture required is a material used for other purposes. Particleboard production will be used for raw thicker diameter smooth body, long and abundant wood flaws that do not contain, to find relatively difficult and expensive, the timber should be used not whether such features search is not like the plant no longer even be evaluated. Raw materials typically used in particleboard production, maintenance, pruning and thinning of trees to be cut and eventually obtained a thin round wood, branches and top ends of the timber industry is now being used in the production of particleboard. In Western Europe at the beginning coniferous roundwood (spruce, pine, fir and Sitka Spruce) is preferred, and later for being economical and easy to supply instruments because beech, birch, poplar, alder and willow, such as leafy tree species also have been used. Apart from the furniture industry include particleboard flooring, prefabricated houses used in the construction and door manufacturing hub.


Chipboard have required physical and mechanical characteristics for many uses. It is Smooth surfaced ,can be produced in the desired thickness, has  a homogeneous structure can be combined with  nails, screws,glue and the other ingredients, larger sizes are produced to be labor saving, the upper surface treatments can be applied, chips saver addition to delaying the processing of materials can be gained as a result of a variety of features, easy handling, solid wood material appearing in the knots, rot and defects such as fibre curl are not available and relatively affordable.

Apart from the furniture industry, it can be used in production of  particleboard flooring, prefabricated houses  and door manufacturing hub for production of YONGAPAN, raw material of wood , turned into chips in the chip machines and then taken into wet chip silos. Chips are sorted and dried in the dryer top and medium layer chips are stored in separate silos. Then mixed with glue and other chemicals, the upper and middle layers of tape laying machine, laying on the plate is drafted and pressed into plates with the help of heat and pressure is brought. Presses, cooling, sizing and stacking operations are performed. After waiting 1-3 days for conditioning by grinding is made ready for sale.


Particleboard consumed in our country is approximately 73.5% of furniture, 11.2% of construction, 13% of decoration, while the remaining approximately 3% is  construction of prefabricated houses and other areas.

It can be used in in the construction of  Radio, television and music set’s furnitures .



In the interiors of buildings, partitions, doors, wall panels, cabinets, making the hard, especially concerts, theater and cinema halls as well as decorative wall panels and acoustical properties is very favorable terms.


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