DOORPAN, has brought a new dimension, a new concept to the ready door panel market .Registered as a world-known brands DOORPAN ready door panel, with Kastamonu Integrated subsidiary and the investment of  100 million dollars, are produced in Prolemn facilities in Romania.

with the introduction of DOORPAN second production line in 2006 ,the production capacity increased to 15 million units / year level. With the 10% of total capacity in the world at the moment we have the distinction of being the world´s 4th, with a market share of 40% in Europe, we are at the second position in the continent.DOORPAN is exported to  and to many countries of the world.

behind there  are four main reasons behind DOORPAN’s worldwide success: a carefully selected, high quality wood raw material, high-tech machinery and equipment, high-performance production, well-trained, the subject of expert team under the supervision of the production, we offer our customers the products in the quality and continuity in service reliability.

DOORPAN ready door panels which do not carry flaws etc.
in solid wood, has all the advantages that solid wood offers. While offering a modern and aesthetic look, traditional wooden door image and also maintains a sense of stability.

We have combined our knowledge and innovative ability for creating the ideal conditions for the production and sales of DOORPAN .All stages of production and precision are monitored in this way to reach quality standards.

Doorpan, provides efficient and fast production solid door manufacturer. Doorpan ready door panels is environmentally friendlyand with the rich model and measures and easily application options makes it preferrable.You can distinguish the product from imitations with the original Stamp .


in the production of DOORPAN,  high quality, new cut wood is used . Supply of high quality wood, high-quality panel is the first and most important step. Wood fibers into whether refineries are reviewed, mixed with glue and other chemicals are subject to laying process. Multi-layer presses being shaped in a stylish, flat panel surfaces are produced as trees or fantasy.

With 2, 3, 4 and 6 bellied options, DOORPAN door panels is double painted with  suitable water-based primer and  is packaged .

Primers used, has the "anti-metal marking" feature , for preventing the black metal gate scratches that may occur during the production of  door. DOORPAN with door panels can produce fire resistant, heavy duty, custom doors ,sound insulation.

DOORPAN with foldable panels with areas where the problem occurred, easiest solution is reached in room partitions and cabinet When you
need more light in the room , the glass panel can be performed.

Our models:
• Sumela
• Olympos
• Artemis
• Efes
• Hittit
• Patara
• Side
• Anatolia
• Perge
• Aspendos
• Simena
• Assos


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